Hi there!

My name is Sarah Dunning Park. I’m a writer and editor in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My most recent work has been in the form of poetry. I published a book of poems in 2012, and have continued to release new work on the blog The Art of Simple. I write poems because I relish the challenge of being concise. Poetry requires whittling a story down to its barest, most evocative form.

My goal: to write words that can be understood by everybody, that can inspire each reader to a moment of introspection or action. I believe in clarity, friendliness, and honesty — both in my writing and in the writing process.

Before working on What It Is Is Beautiful, I designed user interfaces and copy for the personal finance web app PearBudget. I learned that few things are more powerful in product development than empathizing with overwhelmed users and giving them the clear, friendly guidance they crave. I’ve seen how choosing the right word can make a complex user interface easy to understand.

I’m currently looking for a full-time role as a writer for a thoughtful, consumer-oriented product team. If you’re interested in talking, please get in touch: sarahdunningpark@gmail.com.