Sarah Dunning Park

I’m an artist and poet living in rural Virginia with my husband and three daughters.
I shepherd the lost socks.

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My new book of poems is finally available on Amazon! For the price of a greeting card, treat yourself (or a parent you know) to a book that will make you laugh, cry, and then get back to your work of parenting feeling less alone.

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With an average rating of 5 stars, What It Is Is Beautiful pulls together 19 poems that capture the jumble of emotions inherent in motherhood: delight, guilt, resentment, and gratitude.

What people are saying …

Oh, how I love this book! It arrived in the mail during my girls’ afternoon rest time, so I stole a moment to sit down on the couch and read a poem or two. I ended up there for the next hour, devouring the whole book of poetry while alternately laughing and crying, and my to-do list for the afternoon was left completely undone. It was the best hour I’d experienced in a long time.

Katie Fox

Sarah Dunning Park has given parents of young children a great gift in this book. She has taken the quotidian life of laundry and minivans and squabbling children and exhausted moms and dads and made it beautiful.

Amy Julia Becker

In reading through this poetry book, I literally couldn't put it down because what she's writing is my story. I saw my frustrations about motherhood in black and white, as well as the tender moments, and the trying, and the grace. You will be refreshed as you savor the language and the topics, ranging from a hilarious piece entitled "Mom Jeans" to "Book Learning" that will move you to tears - and everything in between.


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